10+ very useful Web Designer Tools

Every web designer and developer wants to new and amazing resources that that help them create some really cool stuff in a hassle-free way. So they are always on the lookout for good tools / resources which they can keep in their resource collection and take advantage of when in need. These resources prove to big-time time savers, thus designers and developers love them. These resources make web designing and development easy and quick and provide them with a shortcut for things which would otherwise be quite complicated. These also help them make up their mind about certain elements and help them pick the most suitable ones. You will find valuable web designer tools in this article.

A huge amount of useful resources for designers and developers are available out there, but not all of them are up to the mark, plus due to their ever-increasing large number, the competition is fierce. So to help you all out in finding some really nice and useful resources, today we have collected a list of 10 Valuable Web Designer Tools. The best thing about this list is that all the resources included in it are fresh and totally amazing. So without any further ado, here goes the list..

Web Colour Data

This webapp allows grabbing colors from other websites easily and quickly. Just enter the URL and click the “Get Color” button; and voila! You will instantly get the color scheme and the Hex number of the colors. Totally deserves a bookmark!


This one is an extremely lightweight and small responsive framework which was created by Yahoo, which is themable via the Skin Builder, and is a nice alternative for frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation etc.

IOS 7 Icon Template

Apple has released iOS7, which presents icons in a different way, i.e. rounded corners, grids and different size. Thus it is quite important to create icons suited for iOS7 in a nice and clean way. This is where this PSD template can help you out as it allows designing icons for iOS7.


Topcoat is a newly launched CSS Framework by Adobe that targets performance. It has got a lot to offer such as a User Interface, icons, and a PSD to begin with before you start coding.


It provides you with various size specifications for popular phones, tablets, and monitor displays available out there in the market. It is very useful as it offers screen size, physical size, the pixel density etc which makes creating responsive websites really easy.


This one is really cool, touch based and responsive content/image slider which was especially designed for mobiles. It is a tiny library which runs on its own without the need of any other library to work.

Flipclock JS

This jQuery plugin helps you create exactly what its name suggests: a flipclock i.e. a clock with a flipping effect! Its output can be customized via CSS and extended using APIs. This library can also be used as a normal clock showing the current time, a timer showing how much time has passed, or a countdown timer.

Forecast Fonts

As the name suggests, this resource is related to weather. It is an amazing set of font icons for weather app, and includes patterns such as sunny, drizzle, sunset, snow, thunderstorm etc.


The display of mobile devices is usually quite small and limited, thus menu navigation is often hidden on the side, and user can click on the icon to make the navigation visible. This tool can be used for creating mobile-like menu on your website easily and quickly. The menu created is also customizable.

Picksum Ipsum

This handy tool is a nice text generator that has the ability of generating lines from famous Hollywood actors like Michael Caine, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey etc. It is perfect for designers that love movies!