The SUM problem can be formulated as follows: given four lists A;B;C;D of integer values, compute
how many quadruplet (a; b; c; d) 2 AB C D are such that a+b+c+d = 0. In the following, we
assume that all lists have the same size n.
The input begins with a single positive integer on a line by itself indicating the number of the cases
following, each of them as described below. This line is followed by a blank line, and there is also a
blank line between two consecutive inputs.
The rst line of the input le contains the size of the lists n (this value can be as large as 4000).
We then have n lines containing four integer values (with absolute value as large as 228) that belong
respectively to A;B;C and D.
For each test case, your program has to write the number quadruplets whose sum is zero.
The outputs of two consecutive cases will be separated by a blank line.

 int abs(int x)
     ) return x;
     return -x;
 int main()
     int i,j,k,n,p,q,x,y,z,t,ans;
     while (t--)
               for (k=first[p];k;k=next[k])
                 if (x==num[k]) ans++;
         if (t) printf("\n");



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