Be Prepared before writing code[9:35]

Understand how V8 optimzes Javascript;

Write code mindfully;

Learn you tools and how they can help you;

Be Prepared - Hidden Classes[10:30]

Hidden Classes Make JavaScript Faster.

(注:Hidden Class 可以理解为VM内部实现对描述抽象类的描述,共享隐藏类才能让VM更高效)

Limit Compile-time type information

It's expensive to reason about JavaScript types at compile time...

  • V8 internally creates hidden classes for objects at runtime.
  • Objects with the same hidden class can use the same optimzed generated code.

Initialize all object members in constructor functions;

Always Initialize members in the same order;

(If you add members in different orders, you create a different tree of hidden classes.

And at the end, you'll have objects with two different hidden classes that can't use the same optimized code)

Be Prepared - Numbers[15:30]

We use a technique called tagging. So inside of V8 we pass around values of 32-bit numbers and objects.

But we want to be able to use the same 32 bits to represent both. And that way we can have one code path that can handle, in many cases, the objects and integers. So what we do is we use the bottom bit.

And each of the values have s special meaning. If the bit is se, it's an object pointer. If it's clear, it's what we call small integer or smi. And that's a 31-bit signed integer. Now if you have a numeric value that you're passing around, assigning to a member that is bigger -it's a numeric value that's bigger than 31 signed bits - then it doesn't fit in one of these smis. And we have to create what's called a box for it. We box the number. We turn it into a double and we create a new object to put that number inside of it. And what follows from that is the next speed trap to avoid, which is make sure, whenever possible, you use 31-bit signed numbers for performance critical calculations.

Prefer numberic values that can be represented as 31-bit signed integers.

Be prepared - Arrays[17:25]

  • Fast Elements: linear storage for compact key sets.
  • Dictionary Elements: hash table storage otherwise.

Use contiguous keys starting at 0 for Arrays. (

Don't pre-allocate large Arrays(e.g. > 64K elements) to their maxium size, instead grow as you go.

Don't delete elements in arrays, especially numberic arrays.

Double Array Unboxing

  • Array's hidden class tracks elements types
  • Arrays contraining only doubles are unboxed
  • Unboxing causes hidden class change

Initialize using array literals for small fixed-sized arrays

Preallocate small arrays to correct size before using them

Don't store non-numeric values(objects) in numeric arrays

Be prepared - Full Compiler[26:36]

V8 has tow compilers

  • "Full" compiler can generate good code for any Javascript
  • Optimizing compiler produces great code for most JavaScript

"Full" compiler Starts Executing Code ASAP

  • Quickly generates good but not great JIT code
  • Assumes(almost) nothing about types at compilation time
  • Uses Inline Caches(or ICs) to refine knowledge about types while program runs

Inline Caches(ICs) handle Types Efficiently

  • Type-dependent code for operations
  • Validate type assumptions first, then do work
  • Change at runtime via backpathcing as more types are discovered

Monomorphic Better Than Polymophic

  • Operations are monomophic if the hidden class is always the same
  • Otherwise they are polymorphic
function add(x,y) {
 return x + y;

add(1,2);         //+ in add is monomorphic
add("a", "b")    //+ in add becomes polymorphic

Prefer monomorphic over polymorphic whenever is possible.

Type Feedback Makes Code Faster

  • Types taken from ICs
  • Operations speculatively get inlined
  • Monomophic functions and constructors can be inlined entirely
  • Inlininig enables other optimizations

Logging What Gets Optimized

d8 --trace-opt prime.js

logs names of optimized functions to stdout

Not Everything Can Be Optimized

Some features prevent the optimizing compiler from running(a "bail-out")

Avoid the speed trap

Optimizing compiler "bail-out" on functions with try{} catch{} blocks.

Maximizing Performance With Exceptions

function perf_sensitive() {
  //Do performance-sensitive work here
} catch(e) {
 //handle exceptions here

How to Find Bailouts

d8 --trace-bailout prime.js

logs optimizing compiler bailouts

Invalid assumptions lead to deoptimization[37:55]


  • ...throws away optimized code
  • ...resumes execution at the right place in "full" compiler code
  • Reoptimization might be triggered again later, but for the short term, execution slows down.

Passing V8 Options to Chrome

"/Applicaitons/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome" \--js-flags="--trace-opt --trace-deopt --trace-bailout"

Avoid the speed trap

Avoid hidden class changes in functions after they are optimized

Identify and Understand[39:50]

"Identify and Understand" for V8

  • Ensure problem is JavaScript
  • Reduce to pure JavaScript(no DOM!)
  • Collect metrics
  • Locate bottleneck(s)

Prime Generator -- Profile It

%out/ia32.release/d8 prime.js --prof


using teh built-in sampling profiler

  • Takes sampe every millisecond
  • Writes v8.log

What to expect from the primes Code

function Primes() {
this.addPrime = function(i) {
  this.primes[this.prime_count++] = i;

this.isPrimeDivisible = function(candidate) {
  for(var i = 1; i <= this.prime_count; ++i) {
    if(candidate % this.primes[i]) == 0) {
      return true;
  return false;

function main() {
  p = new Primes();
  var c = 1;
  while (p.getPrimeCount() < 25000) {
    if(!p.isPrimeDivisible(c)) {

Prediction: Most Time Spent in main

  • All properties and functions monomorphic
  • All numeric operations are SMIs
  • All functions can be inlined
  • No deoptimizations or bailouts

(输出省略 @42:50)

Can you spot the bug?

this.isPrimeDivisible = function(candidate) {
  for(var i = 1 ; i <= this.prime_count; ++i) {
    if (candidate % this.primes[i] == 0) return true;  
  return false;

(Hint: primes is an array of length prime_count)

% out/ia32.release/d8 primes-2.js --prof


JavaScript is 60% faster than C++


% g++ primes.cc -o primes
% time ./primes

real  0m2.955s
user  0m2.952s
sys   0m.001s


% .js

real 0m1.829s
user 0m1.827s
sys  0m0.010s

JavaScript is 17% slower than optimized C++

Fix What Matters[49:59]

Optimize Your Algorithm

this.isPrimeDivisible = function(candidate) {
  for(var i = 1 ; i < this.prime_count; ++i) {
    var current_prime = this.primes[i];
    if(current_prime*current_prime > candidate){
      return false;
    if (candidate % this.primes[i] == 0) return true;  
  return false;

Final Results


That's more than a 350x Speed-up!

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

  • Be prepared
  • Identify and Understand the Crux
  • Fix What matters

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