Report processing of Microsoft Dynamic AX


The implementation of a general electronic report usually has four classes.


Comment: Contract class is data contract class for SSRS report .

Intent: Gets or sets the value of the data contract parameter.


Comment: Controller class for SSRS report that is used to control the report execution as well as preprocessing of the report data. The SSRS reporting framework uses this class to modify the report dialogs, calling the SQL Server reporting services, as well preprocessing parameters for the report. Controller class extends SrsReportRunController .follow is the controller class can be used:

1. Modifying a report query based on the input data

2. Modifying report contract data based on the input data

3. Control a report parameters dialog

4. Open different reports/designs from the same menu item based on the input data

5. Reports that are opened from a form

Intent: The main class for report, but one report should not include this class, beacase this kind of report directly  call SrsReportRunController (Under normal circumstances, method main of controller class always call this framework class.)


Comment: DP class is a data provider class for report.

Intent: The key method ‘ProcessReport’ is in DP class, DP class include all process of data processing, eg: processes the report business logic and insert data to table.

Two important attributes are used in DP classes:

  1. SRSReportQueryAttribute: specifies which AOT query will be used in this report. If the DP class uses an AOT query to process data, define this attribute at the beginning of the class.
  2. SRSReportParameterAttribute: defines the data contract class that will be used by this report to prompt for parameter values. If the DP class contains any parameters this define this attribute at the beginning of the class.

Both the attributes are optional. If the report does not use any query or does not want any parameter to filter report data, these attributes do not need to be used.

UIBuilder :

Comment: User Interface (UI) Builder class builds the UI for SSRS report , this Class is used to define the layout of the parameter dialog box that opens before a report is run in Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is used to add the customizations as well as additional fields in the dialog. follow is the UIBuilder class can be used:

1. Grouping dialog fields

2. Overriding dialog field events

3. Adding a customized lookup to a dialog field

4. Binding dialog fields with Report contract parameters

5. Changing the layout of the dialog

6. Adding custom controls to the dialog

Intent: Build a UI dialog, user can use this dialog to input some data parameter to print report.

About SSRSReport(CustDueReportDetail)

MenuItem(Output)---- CustDueReportDetail properties:

Use properties we can known this output menuitem’s appearance, behavior and data, we should pay attention to Object and Object type, this properties let us known this menuitem which will caller. For instance,  CustDueReportDetail menuitem called class CustDueReportDetailController, and this linked permission object is SSRS CustDueReportDetail, SSRS CustDueReportDetail is a design for report, we can check design in AOT, we also can get server method of this report.

From the above analysis, we known next caller class that is controller class, the controller class include main method in class under normal environment. When we click menuitem, the reference UIBuilder class will operate until report is printed, this class is used to define the layout, user should set value in form, and DP class can get those value to process data processing, DP class have an essential method called “processReport”, this method is the main in DP class, and most data processing in it.

For Dynamics AX7, the report design we can find in AOT, and design use label to achieve different language, we can check the meaning of label by tool find labels, and  there are two types of label  in AX. And parameter of a report is in XML document.

But for Dynamic AX6, the report design we can find in AOT, and design also use label to achieve different language, but label didn’t used in XML document, XML document use the string of names with numbers, We can't see the meaning represented by the numbered string.

We didn’t know what does the ‘DiffAmount32’ meaning. We must go report URLs to check the meaning.

We should go reporting sevices configuration manager :

And click URLS, find reference report to download it to local and open it with notepad and find what’s meaning of ‘DiffAmount32’.




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