Lonsdor released the Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer update announcement on 14-03-2019, saying it can work with more SCION vehicles.

How to update SCION for Auto Key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE:

Close the device and open it, the update will come to you. All will be successfully

Lonsdor K518ise SCION car list:

SCION \CH-R\2018\ Smart key

SCION \CH-R\2018\Mechanical key

SCION \2013-2016\ Smart key

SCION \FR-S\2013-2016\Mechanical key

SCION \iA2016-2018\ Smart key

SCION \iM\2017-2018\Mechanical key

SCION \iQ\2012-2015\Mechanlcal key

SCION \tC\2005-2010\Mechanical key

SCION \tC\2011-2015\ Smart key

SCION \tC\2011-2015\Mechanical key

SCION \xB\2012-2013\Mechanical key

SCION \xB\2012\Remote

SCION \xD\2012-2013\Mechanical key

More Lonsdor update info released on 14-03-2019:

Software Update/Optimization Highlights

VAG IMMO K-Line 2&3 PIN code reading capability
BMW CAS1 Available as of now
BMW FEM/BDC latest variant indexes added as listed below
KIA/HYUNDAI Type 46 PIN code read for both Smart + Key-blade
transponder types + implementation of LKE Emulator to enable PIN reading
in case of AKL
Toyota selection menu by vehicle model
Porsche previously unsupported models AKL added via LKE Emulator

in detail..

Lonsdor k518ise Software Optimization:

1.VWIMM02&IMM03 [Read PIN)

2.VW IMM04 Enable more dashboards to auto identify immo type

3.Skoda IMM02 ft IMM03 (Read PIN}

4.Skoda IMM04 Enable more dashboards to auto identify immo type

5.BMW CAS CAS1 is available; CAS2/CAS3 [Delete key)

6.BMW FEM/BOC Suport swfl 00002419 071 010 040.swfl 00002419 080 010 010

software version

7.Toyota: Optimize menu [Select from vehicle)

6.Oodge/Chrytler/JEEP ft Honda.

9 Hyundoi/Kle Optimize [Read 46 chip PIN) and [Read PIN code{46 smart

card)), support obtaining PIN via LKE decoding

10.BVD [General working key) .support generating SK via LKE to obtain PIN.

11.Porsche Optimize key programming procedure For Boxter(2005 2011)/Coy-

man(200S 2011)/997(2005-2010)/911(200S 2010).support bypass programming

with LKE

LKE Emulator Main Function

1.Features of Toyota/Lexus smart key all lost(5 emulators-in-1)

No need networking

Localized computing

2.Generate chip

LKE can be used to work as an emergency key to program when no dedicated


3-Copy chip

By collecting data to decode and copy chip, LKE currently supports some 46 and 4D chtp copy

4.Simulate and convert chip

Use [Generate chip] to make various chips, part of 40/46 and SKE Toyota  currently supported

5.Decode chip

Decode 46 and 4D chips to obtain SK.

6.identify ignition coil and key chip type(al) key lost)

7.As K518 helper:

Achieve programming key without PIN for Hyundai and Kia.

Achieve programming key without PIN for BYD

Achieve programming key without PIN for Porsche Cayman(2005-2010) and boxster

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