There are several sample web applications that are available with the project. To avoid an overly large download, only the "tutorial" and "contacts" samples are included in the distribution zip file. The others can be built directly from the source which you can obtain as described in the introduction. It’s easy to build the project yourself and there’s more information on the project web site at All paths referred to in this chapter are relative to the project source directory.


7.1 Tutorial Sample(教程示例)

The tutorial sample is a nice basic example to get you started. It uses simple namespace configuration throughout. The compiled application is included in the distribution zip file, ready to be deployed into your web container (spring-security-samples-tutorial-3.1.x.war). The form-based authentication mechanism is used in combination with the commonly-used remember-me authentication provider to automatically remember the login using cookies.

We recommend you start with the tutorial sample, as the XML is minimal and easy to follow. Most importantly, you can easily add this one XML file (and its corresponding web.xml entries) to your existing application. Only when this basic integration is achieved do we suggest you attempt adding in method authorization or domain object security.

7.2 Contacts

The Contacts Sample is an advanced example in that it illustrates the more powerful features of domain object access control lists (ACLs) in addition to basic application security. The application provides an interface with which the users are able to administer a simple database of contacts (the domain objects).

Contacts Sample是一个高级示例,它说明了除基本应用程序安全性之外的域对象访问控制列表(ACL)的更强大功能。该应用程序提供了一个界面,用户可以使用该界面管理简单的联系人数据库(域对象)。
To deploy, simply copy the WAR file from Spring Security distribution into your container’s webapps directory. The war should be called spring-security-samples-contacts-3.1.x.war (the appended version number will vary depending on what release you are using).
要部署,只需将WAR文件从Spring Security发行版复制到容器的webapps目录中。该战争应该被称为spring-security-samples-contacts-3.1.x.war(附加的版本号将根据您使用的版本而有所不同)。
After starting your container, check the application can load. Visit http://localhost:8080/contacts (or whichever URL is appropriate for your web container and the WAR you deployed).
启动容器后,检查应用程序是否可以加载。访问http:// localhost:8080 / contacts(或适用于您的Web容器和您部署的WAR的URL)。
Next, click "Debug". You will be prompted to authenticate, and a series of usernames and passwords are suggested on that page. Simply authenticate with any of these and view the resulting page. It should contain a success message similar to the following:
Security Debug Information

Authentication object is of type:

Authentication object as a String:
Principal: Username: rod; \
Password: [PROTECTED]; Enabled: true; AccountNonExpired: true;
credentialsNonExpired: true; AccountNonLocked: true; \
Granted Authorities: ROLE_SUPERVISOR, ROLE_USER; \
Password: [PROTECTED]; Authenticated: true; \
Details: \
RemoteIpAddress:; SessionId: 8fkp8t83ohar; \

Authentication object holds the following granted authorities:

ROLE_USER (getAuthority(): ROLE_USER)

Success! Your web filters appear to be properly configured!

Once you successfully receive the above message, return to the sample application’s home page and click "Manage". You can then try out the application. Notice that only the contacts available to the currently logged on user are displayed, and only users with ROLE_SUPERVISOR are granted access to delete their contacts. Behind the scenes, the MethodSecurityInterceptor is securing the business objects.

The application allows you to modify the access control lists associated with different contacts. Be sure to give this a try and understand how it works by reviewing the application context XML files.

7.3 LDAP Sample

The LDAP sample application provides a basic configuration and sets up both a namespace configuration and an equivalent configuration using traditional beans, both in the same application context file. This means there are actually two identical authentication providers configured in this application.


7.4 OpenID Sample

The OpenID sample demonstrates how to use the namespace to configure OpenID and how to set up attribute exchange configurations for Google, Yahoo and MyOpenID identity providers (you can experiment with adding others if you wish). It uses the JQuery-based openid-selector project to provide a user-friendly login page which allows the user to easily select a provider, rather than typing in the full OpenID identifier.

The application differs from normal authentication scenarios in that it allows any user to access the site (provided their OpenID authentication is successful). The first time you login, you will get a "Welcome [your name]"" message. If you logout and log back in (with the same OpenID identity) then this should change to "Welcome Back". This is achieved by using a custom UserDetailsService which assigns a standard role to any user and stores the identities internally in a map. Obviously a real application would use a database instead. Have a look at the source form more information. This class also takes into account the fact that different attributes may be returned from different providers and builds the name with which it addresses the user accordingly.

7.5 CAS Sample

The CAS sample requires that you run both a CAS server and CAS client. It isn’t included in the distribution so you should check out the project code as described in the introduction. You’ll find the relevant files under the sample/cas directory. There’s also a Readme.txt file in there which explains how to run both the server and the client directly from the source tree, complete with SSL support.

CAS示例要求您同时运行CAS服务器和CAS客户端。它不包含在发行版中,因此您应该按照简介中的说明查看项目代码。您将在sample / cas目录下找到相关文件。还有一个Readme.txt文件,其中解释了如何直接从源代码树运行服务器和客户端,完成SSL支持。

7.6 JAAS Sample

The JAAS sample is very simple example of how to use a JAAS LoginModule with Spring Security. The provided LoginModule will successfully authenticate a user if the username equals the password otherwise a LoginException is thrown. The AuthorityGranter used in this example always grants the role ROLE_USER. The sample application also demonstrates how to run as the JAAS Subject returned by the LoginModule by setting jaas-api-provision equal to "true".

JAAS示例是如何在Spring Security中使用JAAS LoginModule的非常简单的示例。如果用户名等于密码,则提供的LoginModule将成功验证用户,否则抛出LoginException。本示例中使用的AuthorityGranter始终授予角色ROLE_USER。示例应用程序还演示了如何通过将jaas-api-provision设置为“true”来作为LoginModule返回的JAAS主题运行。

7.7 Pre-Authentication Sample

This sample application demonstrates how to wire up beans from the pre-authentication framework to make use of login information from a Java EE container. The user name and roles are those setup by the container.

The code is in samples/preauth.

此示例应用程序演示了如何从预身份验证框架中连接Bean以使用来自Java EE容器的登录信息。用户名和角色是容器设置的用户名和角色。
代码在样本/ preauth中。

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