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Location Region Sponsor HTTP location FTP Location Rsync Location
Africa Botswana Retention Range (PTY) Ltd  
Africa Kenya Liquid Telecom rsync://
Africa South Africa rsync://
Africa South Africa Web4Africa rsync://
Africa South Africa BitCo    
Africa South Africa Internet Solutions rsync://
Africa South Africa JSDAAV ZA Telecoms (Pty) Ltd rsync://
Africa South Africa Telkom SA  
Africa South Africa Tenet rsync://
Africa South Africa University of the Free State rsync://
Africa South Africa WBS / iBurst rsync://
Africa South Africa Web Africa  
Africa South Africa WIRUlink rsync://
Africa Tanzania Aptus Solutions    
Africa Tunisia ATI and Dot TN    
Africa Uganda Uganda Christian University    
Africa Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Online rsync://
Asia Bangladesh CoLoCity    
Asia Bangladesh dhakaCom Limited  
Asia China Alibaba Cloud Computing    
Asia China Beijing Institute of Technology    
Asia China Beijing Teletron Telecom Engineering    
Asia China ChongQing University    
Asia China CN99 Corp.    
Asia China Dalian Neusoft University of Information    
Asia China Huazhong University of Science and Technology   rsync://
Asia China Lanzhou University Open Source Society    
Asia China Nanjing University    
Asia China Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications    
Asia China NetEase    
Asia China Northwest A&F University    
Asia China Shanghai Jiao Tong University  
Asia China Sohu Inc, Beijing P.R. China    
Asia China Tsinghua University   rsync://
Asia China University of Science and Tech of China    
Asia China Zhejiang University    
Asia Hong Kong Asia Web Services Ltd.  
Asia Hong Kong i-System Technology Limited    
Asia Hong Kong Nethub Online Limited    
Asia Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong  
Asia Hong Kong UDomain Web Hosting Company Ltd.  
Asia India Excell Media Pvt. Ltd.    
Asia India Indian Institute of Technology, Madras rsync://
Asia India National Brain Research Centre    
Asia India Shiv Nadar University    
Asia India Vizag Broadcasting Company Pvt Ltd. (V.B.C)    
Asia Indonesia Beritagar.ID   rsync://
Asia Indonesia Biznet Networks    
Asia Indonesia DATAUTAMA-NET-ID    
Asia Indonesia Merah Cipta Media, PT    
Asia Indonesia PT Apik Media Inovasi    
Asia Indonesia PT. Angkasa Komunikasi Global Utama   rsync://
Asia Indonesia PT. Axarva Media Technology    
Asia Indonesia PT. Hanasta Dakara   rsync://
Asia Indonesia PT. Orion Cyber Internet    
Asia Indonesia State Polytechnic of Banyuwangi    
Asia Japan FAIRWAY Corporation  
Asia Japan Internet Initiative Japan Inc. rsync://
Asia Japan JAIST rsync://
Asia Japan KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. rsync://
Asia Japan RIKEN Research Institute rsync://
Asia Japan WIDEProject Tsukuba NOC    
Asia Japan Yamagata University   rsync://
Asia Kazakhstan Megahost Kazakhstan LLP rsync://
Asia Kazakhstan Neolabs LLP rsync://
Asia Malaysia Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd    
Asia Malaysia IP ServerOne Solutions Sdn Bhd    
Asia Malaysia Malaysian Research and Education Network (MYREN)    
Asia Malaysia Net Onboard Sdn Bhd    
Asia Malaysia Shinjiru Technology Sdn. Bhd.   rsync://
Asia Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Malaysia   rsync://
Asia Mongolia iTools LLC    
Asia Pakistan Gemnet Enterprise Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.    
Asia Pakistan Inara Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.    
Asia Philippines DOST-ASTI and PREGI.NET  
Asia Philippines Rise  
Asia Singapore National University of Singapore   rsync://
Asia Singapore   rsync://
Asia Singapore National University of Singapore  
Asia Singapore QOXY PTE LTD    
Asia Singapore USONYX PTE. LTD.    
Asia Singapore Vastspace Pte Ltd    
Asia Singapore Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd.    
Asia South Korea AoneNetworks Co.,Ltd.    
Asia South Korea CDNetworks Co., Ltd.  
Asia South Korea Daum Kakao. Corp.    
Asia South Korea KAIST rsync://
Asia South Korea NAVER Business Platform    
Asia South Korea NeowizGames corp. rsync://
Asia Taiwan Computer Center, Shu-Te University  
Asia Taiwan Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Yuan Ze University rsync://
Asia Taiwan Department of Computer Science National Chiao Tung University rsync://
Asia Taiwan I-Shou University rsync://
Asia Taiwan Kun Shan University  
Asia Taiwan National Center for High-Perf Computing  
Asia Taiwan TaiChung City Education Network Center  
Asia Thailand    
Asia Thailand Bangmod Hosting   rsync://
Asia Thailand Best IDC   rsync://
Asia Thailand    
Asia Thailand Kasetsart University    
Asia Thailand Khon Kaen University rsync://
Asia Thailand Prince of Songkla University, Hatyai cam rsync://
Asia Thailand THZ Hosting   rsync://
Asia Thailand TOT Public Company Limited rsync://
Asia Uzbekistan Comnet ISP   rsync://
Asia Vietnam Viettel IDC    
Asia Vietnam DIGIPOWER Co.,ltd rsync://
Asia Vietnam DIGISTAR  
Asia Vietnam Digital Storage Company Limited    
Asia Vietnam Ehost Software    
Asia Vietnam Nhan Hoa    
Asia Vietnam VHost    
Asia Vietnam   rsync://
Asia Vietnam Viettel IDC    
Asia Vietnam VinaHost Co., Ltd    
Asia Vietnam VONLINE    
Canada BC eSecureData Inc.    
Canada BC Simon Fraser University    
Canada BC The University of British Columbia    
Canada MB LES.NET    
Canada MB Manitoba Unix User Group rsync://
Canada MB Westman Communications Grp  
Canada NS Dalhousie University rsync://
Canada ON Clearcable Networks rsync://
Canada ON U. of Waterloo Computer Science Club rsync://
Canada ON Wightman Telecom  
Canada QC Evolution Host rsync://
Canada QC GloboTech Communications rsync://
Canada QC Colo-Serv Communications    
Canada QC GpMidi  
Canada QC iWeb Technologies Inc. rsync://
Canada QC Netelligent    
Canada QC OVH Canada rsync://
Canada QC PlanetHoster Canada    
Canada QC VEXXHOST rsync://
Canada QC    
EU Armenia ARMINCO Global Telecommunications    
EU Austria digitalnova it&web solutions e.U.    
EU Austria Easyname rsync://
EU Austria Goodie Domain Service  
EU Austria netzpionier and it&tel rsync://
EU Austria next layer GmbH    
EU Austria Technische Universität Graz  
EU Austria UPC Austria rsync://
EU Belarus RUE Beltelecom, ByFly ISP. rsync://
EU Belgium Belnet rsync://
EU Belgium Connexeon bvba    
EU Belgium Solutions    
EU Belgium Kinamo NV/SA    
EU Belgium Nucleus    
EU Belgium Unix-Solutions    
EU Bosnia & Herzegovina BH Telecom    
EU Bulgaria Host.AG rsync://
EU Bulgaria Neterra LTD rsync://
EU Bulgaria Netix rsync://
EU Bulgaria Sofia University \"St. Kliment Ohridski\" rsync://
EU Bulgaria Telecoms Ltd.  
EU Bulgaria Telepoint Bulgaria    
EU Bulgaria University of Ruse  
EU Croatia Plus Hosting rsync://
EU Cyprus Dept. of Computer Science, University of Cyprus  
EU Czech Republic Brno University of Technology   rsync://
EU Czech Republic Czech Technical University  
EU Czech Republic Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk Univ. rsync://
EU Czech Republic Hosting90 systems s.r.o.  
EU Czech Republic IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center   rsync://
EU Czech Republic Karneval Media  
EU Czech Republic Silesian university in Opava rsync://
EU Denmark Carlsberg Research Center rsync://
EU Denmark rsync://
EU Denmark KLID  
EU Denmark Netsite A/S    
EU Denmark rsync://
EU Denmark Physics Dept, Technical Univ of Denmark    
EU Estonia Elion Enterprises Ltd  
EU Finland CSC / Funet rsync://
EU Finland Finnish Administrators Reunited    
EU France Babylon Network rsync://
EU France Institut Pasteur rsync://
EU France Atos Worldline    
EU France Avenir Telematique SAS   rsync://
EU France Centre de Calcul de l'IN2P3 rsync://
EU France CIRIL rsync://
EU France Distrib Coffee rsync://
EU France  
EU France ircam rsync://
EU France MirrorGuru    
EU France Neify Hosting rsync://
EU France PlanetHoster France    
EU France PlusServer GmbH    
EU France RelouFR Networks   rsync://
EU France Rezopole rsync://
EU France Rpmfind rsync://
EU France Standalone Installer Software   rsync://
EU France Syntis rsync://
EU France Université Paris 13    
EU France Wandrebeck (Private Mirror)    
EU Georgia Magticom ltd    
EU Georgia Wanex LLC (ISP)    
EU Germany Leaseweb rsync://
EU Germany 1&1 Internet AG rsync://
EU Germany 23Media GmbH rsync://
EU Germany   rsync://
EU Germany Alpix   rsync://
EU Germany Artfiles New Media GmbH  
EU Germany Foundation    
EU Germany Checkdomain GmbH  
EU Germany Copahost    
EU Germany cuegee it gmbh   rsync://
EU Germany Daniel Jost - Freelance Web Professional rsync://
EU Germany EUserv Internet rsync://
EU Germany Faerber (Private Mirror)  
EU Germany Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg rsync://
EU Germany Host Europe rsync://
EU Germany IMT-Systems GmbH rsync://
EU Germany Intergenia   rsync://
EU Germany IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbH    
EU Germany Leibniz Universität IT Services  
EU Germany LMU Muenchen, Dpt. Biologie 2, IT-Gruppe rsync://
EU Germany Net-D-Sign GmbH    
EU Germany NetCologne rsync://
EU Germany netcup GmbH  
EU Germany Plus.line AG rsync://
EU Germany PSW Group    
EU Germany rackSPEED GmbH    
EU Germany ratiokontakt GmbH    
EU Germany Rechenzentrum Universität Bayreuth rsync://
EU Germany RWTH Aachen University rsync://
EU Germany Schlund Technologies GmbH rsync://
EU Germany Sebastian Sterk    
EU Germany Softaculous ltd.    
EU Germany Tobias Wollmann rsync://
EU Germany TU Chemnitz rsync://
EU Germany University of Applied Sciences Esslingen   rsync://
EU Germany University of Applied Sciences Esslingen 2   rsync://
EU Germany University of Applied Sciences Fulda   rsync://
EU Germany WRZ - Weseler Rechenzentrum  
EU Germany Yannic Bonenberger  
EU Greece Computer Center, University of Crete  
EU Greece Hellenic Telecommunications Organization  
EU Greece NTUA rsync://
EU Hungary MirrorGuru    
EU Hungary Free Software Network foundation rsync://
EU Hungary Hungarian Meteorological Service    
EU Hungary Lonyai (private mirror)    
EU Iceland Advania    
EU Iceland Nýherji  
EU Iceland Siminn  
EU Ireland HEAnet rsync://
EU Italy GARR/CILEA rsync://
EU Italy GARR/CILEA rsync://
EU Italy Clouditalia Communications  
EU Italy Contactlab    
EU Italy Crazy Network   rsync://
EU Italy GARR/CILEA rsync://
EU Italy Prometeus    
EU Latvia  
EU Latvia Linux Center, University of Latvia  
EU Lithuania Bacloud    
EU Lithuania  
EU Lithuania Interneto vizija    
EU Lithuania    
EU Luxembourg Datacenter Luxembourg    
EU Luxembourg root S.A  
EU Macedonia Macedonian Telecom   rsync://
EU Moldova  
EU Moldova Trabia-Network rsync://
EU Netherlands Babylon Network rsync://
EU Netherlands MirrorGuru    
EU Netherlands rsync://
EU Netherlands Amsio rsync://
EU Netherlands ColoCenter  
EU Netherlands Dataone Datacenters rsync://
EU Netherlands Delft University of Technology  
EU Netherlands Denit Hosting Solutions  
EU Netherlands INTERACTIVE 3D rsync://
EU Netherlands Mj Webhosting  
EU Netherlands Netrouting rsync://
EU Netherlands NFOrce Entertainment B.V. rsync://
EU Netherlands NLUUG rsync://
EU Netherlands Oxilion rsync://
EU Netherlands Previder BV  
EU Netherlands Prolocation B.V.    
EU Netherlands Proserve  
EU Netherlands Quentin Schoemaker rsync://
EU Netherlands SIT Internetdiensten rsync://
EU Netherlands Spango Internet BV  
EU Netherlands Supportex    
EU Netherlands TransIP BV  
EU Netherlands Triple IT    
EU Netherlands University of Utrecht rsync://
EU Netherlands Vimexx  
EU Netherlands Weppel rsync://
EU Netherlands WideXS  
EU Netherlands    
EU Norway University of Bergen rsync://
EU Norway University of Oslo rsync://
EU Poland Horyzont Technologie Internetowe Sp. z o.o.    
EU Poland Academic Center of Computer Science  
EU Poland AGH University of Science and Technology  
EU Poland Grupa S.A. rsync://
EU Poland Horyzont Technologie Internetowe Sp. z o.o.    
EU Poland ICM Warsaw rsync://
EU Poland Kielce Technology Park  
EU Poland Komster    
EU Poland LiveNet Sp. z o.o. rsync://
EU Poland Opole University of Technology  
EU Poland rsync://
EU Poland Rzeszow University of Technology rsync://
EU Poland Szczecin University of Technology  
EU Poland Vectra rsync://
EU Poland Wroclaw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing rsync://
EU Portugal Foundation for Science and Technology, National Scientific Computing Unit (FCT|FCCN)  
EU Portugal ptisp    
EU Portugal Univ. of Coimbra, Informatics Eng. Dept.  
EU Portugal University of Porto rsync://
EU Romania Evowise    
EU Romania CH-Center Hosting    
EU Romania LeadHosts   rsync://
EU Romania M247 Europe   rsync://
EU Romania Pidgin Host rsync://
EU Romania Romanian Linux Users Group (ines)  
EU Romania Telekom Romania rsync://
EU Romania Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu  
EU Romania UPC Romania  
EU Romania    
EU Russia Awanti ISP  
EU Russia Corbina Telecom rsync://
EU Russia ICT of SB RAS rsync://
EU Russia Logol Hosting Company rsync://
EU Russia RADIUS, Ltd. rsync://
EU Russia RosBusinessConsulting    
EU Russia Satellite-Service Ltd  
EU Russia Truenetwork rsync://
EU Russia Tver State University    
EU Russia Yandex rsync://
EU Slovakia Energotel a.s  
EU Slovakia Rainside  
EU Slovakia University of P.J.Safarik  
EU Slovakia Ynet o.z.    
EU Slovenia ARNES  
EU Slovenia    
EU Slovenia T-2 d.o.o.    
EU Slovenia xGroup    
EU Spain Universidad de Malaga  
EU Spain AireNetworks rsync://
EU Spain Centro Inform. Cientifico de Andalucia rsync://
EU Spain CESCA  
EU Spain inAsset | NixMad rsync://
EU Spain IRTIC/Universidad de Valencia rsync://
EU Spain Oficina de Software Libre do CIXUG  
EU Spain RedIRIS, Spanish Research and Education Network rsync://
EU Spain Universidade de Vigo  
EU Spain University of Seville (Spain)    
EU Sweden Ember AB  
EU Sweden GleSYS Internet Services AB rsync://
EU Sweden Halmstad University  
EU Sweden Lysator rsync://
EU Sweden National Supercomputer Centre, Linkoping University rsync://
EU Sweden Zetup AB    
EU Switzerland Adfinis SyGroup AG    
EU Switzerland CERN   rsync://
EU Switzerland Digital Suisse    
EU Switzerland Sascha Spreitzer   rsync://
EU Switzerland SWITCHmirror  
EU Turkey Alastyr    
EU Turkey CityNet Telekom    
EU Turkey DGN Teknoloji    
EU Turkey Fibersunucu Internet Hizmetleri    
EU Turkey iDeal Hosting    
EU Turkey Istanbul Technical University  
EU Turkey MUVHost - MUV Bilisim ve Telekomunikasyon Hiz. Ltd. rsync://
EU Turkey Netinternet   rsync://
EU Turkey Radore rsync://
EU Turkey Saglayici    
EU Turkey Turkish Linux User's Association rsync://
EU Turkey Venov Telekom  
EU Turkey VeriTeknik I.T.    
EU Ukraine BestHosting   rsync://
EU Ukraine Colocall Internet Data Center  
EU Ukraine IT&T Consulting    
EU Ukraine Mirohost  
EU Ukraine Omnilance Ltd  
EU Ukraine Vinnytsia IP-Connect rsync://
EU United Kingdom    
EU United Kingdom Bigstep Cloud Limited    
EU United Kingdom Bytemark rsync://
EU United Kingdom Clouvider Limited    
EU United Kingdom Coreix    
EU United Kingdom CWCS Managed Hosting    
EU United Kingdom Exascale rsync://
EU United Kingdom Freethought Internet rsync://
EU United Kingdom Goscomb Technologies Limited  
EU United Kingdom Imperial College London    
EU United Kingdom Melbourne Server Hosting Ltd.  
EU United Kingdom Nublue Ltd    
EU United Kingdom Oxford University Computing Services  
EU United Kingdom Pulsant Ltd.  
EU United Kingdom ServerSpace Ltd rsync://
EU United Kingdom UK Mirror Service - Univ. Kent rsync://
EU United Kingdom Ltd  
EU United Kingdom VooServers    
EU United Kingdom Vorboss Ltd    
EU United Kingdom Warwick University rsync://
EU United Kingdom XILO Communications Ltd.    
Greenland   Tele Greenland    
Middle East Iraq ScopeSky Communications LLC.    
Middle East Israel AUMIX    
Middle East Israel Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL)  
Middle East Israel Joinweb Hosting Ltd    
Middle East Israel NonStop    
Middle East Israel SPD Hosting LTD    
Middle East Kuwait Zain Telecom Company  
North America Bahamas Secure Hosting Ltd    
North America Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico    
Oceania Australia 'yes' Optus MIrror  
Oceania Australia AARNet   rsync://
Oceania Australia Aus Net Servers Australia Pty Ltd    
Oceania Australia Colocation Australia Pty Ltd    
Oceania Australia Colocity    
Oceania Australia Crucial Cloud Hosting rsync://
Oceania Australia Digital Pacific   rsync://
Oceania Australia Hostcentral rsync://
Oceania Australia Intergrid    
Oceania Australia Internode    
Oceania Australia Melbourne IT   rsync://
Oceania Australia Over The Wire rsync://
Oceania Australia Servers Australia Pty Ltd.    
Oceania Australia Swinburne University of Technology rsync://
Oceania Australia VentraIP Group (Australia) Pty Ltd  
Oceania New Caledonia OFFRATEL LAGOON rsync://
Oceania New Zealand University of Canterbury  
Oceania New Zealand rsync://
Oceania New Zealand WorldxChange Communications Ltd  
South America Brazil Centro de Computação Eletrônica / University of Sao Paulo   rsync://
South America Brazil College of Computing (FACOM/UFMS)   rsync://
South America Brazil    
South America Brazil Instituto Federal do Esp�rito Santo    
South America Brazil NB Telecom   rsync://
South America Brazil State University of Campinas - UNICAMP rsync://
South America Brazil UFSCar - Federal University of Sao Carlos    
South America Brazil Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo   rsync://
South America Brazil XPG    
South America Chile Gtdinternet S.A.  
South America Chile Netglobalis S.A.    
South America Chile Orbyta S.A.    
South America Chile Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria  
South America Colombia EDATEL ISP    
South America Colombia Universidad del Magdalena rsync://
South America Colombia Universidad Minuto de Dios    
South America Colombia Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana    
South America Costa Rica University of Costa Rica rsync://
South America Ecuador Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzado   rsync://
South America Ecuador Escuela Politécnica Nacional   rsync://
South America Ecuador ESPOCH (Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo)   rsync://
South America Ecuador Universidad Estatal de Bolivar    
South America Ecuador Universidad Técnica de Ambato, Tungurahua rsync://
South America French Guiana WAYSCOM  
US   Oregon State University rsync://
US   Rackspace    
US AK Research Computing Systems  
US AL Millry Telephone Co  
US AL Teklinks    
US AZ 1GServers rsync://
US AZ Cavecreek Web Hosting    
US CA Leaseweb rsync://
US CA 5Nine Solutions    
US CA Energy Sciences Network rsync://
US CA Enzu Inc. rsync://
US CA Fast Serv Networks, LLC  
US CA    
US CA Harvey Mudd College    
US CA Host Duplex, LLC rsync://
US CA HugeServer Networks, LLC  
US CA rsync://
US CA Linux Kernel Archives rsync://
US CA NDCHost    
US CA Open Computing Facility rsync://
US CA Pac-12 Enterprises    
US CA rsync://
US CA QuadraNet rsync://
US CA Silicon Valley Web Hosting LLC   rsync://
US CA SONN rsync://
US CA TLFHosting rsync://
US CA University of California, Irvine    
US CA University of Southern California    
US CO    
US CO    
US CO    
US CO    
US CO    
US CO    
US CO    
US CO UnixHeads    
US CT Connecticut Education Network    
US DC Leaseweb rsync://
US DC ServInt    
US DE University of Delaware    
US FL    
US FL QuadraNet rsync://
US FL Atlantic.Net rsync://
US FL HugeServer Networks, LLC  
US FL Private Cloud Hosting    
US FL Mojohost  
US FL Nodes Direct rsync://
US FL University of South Florida  
US GA Georgia Tech rsync://
US GA University of West Georgia   rsync://
US GA Virtual World Technologies   rsync://
US HI Advanced Network Computing Lab Hawaii    
US ID Syringa Networks rsync://
US IL Bigstep Cloud Limited    
US IL Genesis Adaptive rsync://
US IL Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy    
US IL Steadfast Networks   rsync://
US IL Team Cymru rsync://
US IL Tzulo inc    
US IL University of Chicago, Astronomy rsync://
US IL University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
US IL Your.Org rsync://
US IN Indiana University  
US MA Harvard SEAS ARC    
US MA TripAdvisor   rsync://
US MD University of Maryland, College Park   rsync://
US ME University of Maine System, Information Technology Services   rsync://
US MI Central Michigan University    
US MI Liquid Web, Inc.   rsync://
US MI MBNI, University of Michigan    
US MI Michigan Tech Linux Users Group rsync://
US MI    
US MI University of Michigan-Flint    
US MN Localmsp   rsync://
US MN US Internet   rsync://
US MO Compevo Communications    
US NC Conflux Technologies LLC   rsync://
US NH MetroCast Cablevision    
US NJ BLAZAR Communications, S.A. de C.V.    
US NJ Constant Hosting    
US NJ   rsync://
US NJ Princeton University Department of Mathematics   rsync://
US NJ SolarVPS  
US NV SIGMAnet Inc.  
US NY Atlantic Metro Communications  
US NY Clarkson Open Source Institute    
US NY Columbia University rsync://
US NY Evowise    
US NY NYU   rsync://
US NY Rochester Institute of Technology   rsync://
US NY SpinelliCreations    
US NY Voxel US    
US NY Webair Internet Development, Inc   rsync://
US OH Beyond Hosting    
US OH CISP / Yocolo   rsync://
US OK University of Oklahoma rsync://
US OR Canby Telcom rsync://
US OR Portland State Univ.   rsync://
US PA 1&1 Internet Inc. rsync://
US PA Datto Inc.   rsync://
US PA Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh rsync://
US PA Lehigh University    
US TX InnoScale rsync://
US TX Leaseweb rsync://
US TX rsync://
US TX Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and Learning Technology at Texas A&M University    
US TX Corespace  
US TX Limestone Networks rsync://
US TX Ray Stedman Library   rsync://
US UT    
US UT University of Utah   rsync://
US UT XMission rsync://
US VA rsync://
US VA AdvancedHosters rsync://
US VA Cogent Communications rsync://
US VA InnoScale rsync://
US VA Virginia Tech  
US VA Virginia Tech Transportation Institute  
US VA Yellow Fiber Networks    
US VT Green Mountain Access rsync://
US WA InnoScale rsync://
US WA    
US WA University of Washington    
US WA Washington State University rsync://
US WI TDS Internet Services rsync://
US WI University of Wisconsin-Parkside Computer Science Department    

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    类型化数组(Typed Array)是一种处理二进制数据的特殊数组,它可像C语言那样直接操纵字节,不过得先用ArrayBuffer对象创建数组缓冲区(Array Buffer),再映射到指定格式的视图 ...

  6. selenium缺少chromedriver解决方法

    1.安装好selenium,运行一段测试代码: from selenium import webdriver brower = webdriver.Chrome() brower.get('www.b ...

  7. Android大作业 --音乐播放器

    1.项目成员(本次作业主要对上一次的音乐播放器进行完善) 韦家城 学号:1600802026 班级:161  博客: 邓乾尧 学号:1 ...

  8. Luogu 2279 [HNOI2003]消防局的设立 - 贪心

    Description 给定一棵树形图, 建若干个消防站, 消防站能够覆盖到距离不超过2的点, 求最少需要建几个消防站才能覆盖所有点 Solution 从深度最深的点开始, 在它的爷爷节点上建, 每建 ...

  9. C# 通过调用Win32 API函数清除浏览器缓存和cookie

    public enum ShowCommands : int { SW_HIDE = , SW_SHOWNOrmAL = , SW_NOrmAL = , SW_SHOWMINIMIZED = , SW ...

  10. java 静态类与静态方法应用场景

    静态类:工具类 例如 Array.sort(arry) 静态方法:设置文件名